Pryapisme "Epic Loon OST 2CD + VHS Logo Tshirt" Bundle Expand

Pryapisme "Epic Loon OST 2CD + VHS Logo Tshirt" Bundle

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Having had their first tendinitis on the controllers and joysticks of all the game consoles of the 80s and having used miles of tapes by rewatching countless times VHS in their old video recorders, it is natural that the wags of Pryapisme accepted the challenge initiated by Macrales Studio: make the original soundtrack for the video game Epic Loon, the perfect game to play alone in your couch, with friends or with your cat (on Steam, Switch, Xbox One and PS4).

« Epic Loon OST » is a double album narrating the adventures of four aliens who invade pastiches of the 80s / 90s cult movies. The group was given carte blanche to put everything to music by drawing inspiration from the games and movies of the time, by sneakily sprinkling these with a little feline French Touch. The result is of course shameful, neither done nor to be done. At best, a plagiarism, at worst an abyssal artistic void.

An Epic Fail.

All music from this album was created for the game « Epic Loon » : A game published by Ukuza, produced by Macrales Studio, co-produced by Shibuya Production and supported by CNC and Pictanovo.

30,00 €

ReleaseEpic Loon OST
FormatDouble CD
LabelApathia Records
SubgenreVideo Game Soundtrack