Pryapisme "Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium" (CD) Expand

Pryapisme "Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium" (CD)

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Pryapisme’s third album, « Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium » is definitely the album of immaturity : more than three years of work, 10 songs, 57 minutes, 88 GB of audio, 861 tracks and around 99% of processor overload

It’s the first album of Pryapisme to be recorded with the actual live formation (five members instead of three). The album is warmer, with the use of multiple guitars and many analog synths. There are also some noticeable guests, Adrien Daguzon (Zibeline) playing saxophone, Mathieu Halberstadht (Please Lose Battle) on the contrabass and some real cats on backing vocals.

The album tells us the advent of the Era of the Cat, the one which will replace mankind. After the arrival of the lol-cats all over internet, which constitutes the last conspiracy, well after the one of Ancient Egypt where the cats were already ruling the highest spheres of power, the diabolical felines are now preparing the birth of Satan’s cat, the Chosen One which will tame humanity and in the end, conquer the whole galaxy with the help of its pentagram of cat food.

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ReleaseDiabolicus Felinae Pandemonium
FormatCD Digipack
LabelApathia Records
SubgenreExperimental Jazz / Rock
Release date2017