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Deficiency "The Dawn of Consciousness" (CD)

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French Melodic Thrash Metal band DEFICIENCY is about to release its third album "The Dawn Of Consciousness". This new LP was recorded in summer 2016 by David Potvin (DOME STUDIO - Lyzanxia, One Way Mirror, Kronos, T.A.N.K. ...) and is coming worldwide on march 2017.
DEFICIENCY musically go further in melodic, agressive and technical aspects of its songwriting. Heavy parts, modern patterns, furious leads or catchy chorus are meeting to join a Thrash Metal basis and to form an efficient alliance for fans of extreme music.

"The Dawn Of Consciousness" is a new concept-album describing men's rebirth after chaos and the way they seize this second chance through six primitive emotions shared by every human being on earth : surprise, sadness, joy, anger, fear and disgust. The visual work designed by French artist Ludovic Cordelières (RUSALKA DESIGN) is an major piece to complement music and lyrics's concept.

For fans of Machine Head, Darkane, Death Angel, Soilwork...

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ReleaseThe Dawn of Conscioussness
FormatCD Digipack
LabelApathia Records
StyleThrash Metal
SubgenreMelodic Thrash Metal
Release date2017