Deathawaits "Solve Coagula" (CD) Expand

Deathawaits "Solve Coagula" (CD)



« SOLVE COAGULA », the third opus of DeathAwaits, is a powerful mix of diverses influences like Thrash, Death or even Hardcore.

Darker and more powerful than the latest album « SOLVE COAGULA » invites you on every track to enter various tortured universes ; filled with doubts, questionings, and darkness directly from the mainds of the musicians. The composition of this album took a important turning point with the participation of Jordan (arrived in 2014 as guitarist) who put forward a more direct, more melodic but also more technical music... Without losing the dark and brutal aspect proper to this style.

The band took a step further on this album due to the collaboration with the VAMACARA Studio in Clisson !

For fans of Benighted, Dying Fetus ....

Preorder - To be released on April 21th 2017

12,00 €

ReleaseSolve Coagula
StyleDeath Metal
SubgenreThrash Death Hardcore