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Hardcore Anal Hydrogen "Hypercut" (CD)

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen Hardcore Anal Hydrogen



A new album of Hardcore Anal Hydrogen is always something.

First of all, we are happy, because our website will show up more often in the search results for “hardcore anal”, and this is absolutely fantastic.

Musically speaking, the band truly is at the state of its art.
With « Hypercut », the band has gained in coherence, and the album has to be seen as a gigantic piece of art here to mess with what’s left of your brain after an afternoon at the mall with the kids.

« Hypercut » is one of the craziest album released in the past years, with influences from Jazz to Black Metal.

Epic, classy, innovative and fun.

15,00 €

BandHardcore Anal Hydrogen
FormatCD Digipack
LabelApathia Records
Release date2018